Mum’s opinion: Racheal Austin on talking to her children and terrorism drills

Mum of two, Racheal Austin admits to finding terrorism a difficult subject to talk about with her children.



Erin, 10 and Isla, 8, are at an age where they aren’t thinking about terrorism too much at the moment, said Racheal. However, with Erin due to go to secondary school next year, Racheal wants her to be as prepared as possible for any kind of eventuality and perhaps learn more about it in school.



Acting companies, such as Crisis Cast, go into organisations, including schools, and recreate terrorist attacks to help prepare people in the case of an emergency. Whilst a survey carried out by The Guardian revealed that 33% of parents aren’t sure whether they would like their child participating in this at school, Racheal believes it could be a good idea.



Read and listen to what the professionals from the NSPCC and Survivors Assistance Network have to say about terrorism drills here.


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