The Day: A Poem written by Manchester survivor, Katie Farnsworth

A teenager who survived the Manchester terrorist attack in May, has written a poem remembering the night as it happened.

Katie Farnsworth, a 19-year-old student and her 16-year-old sister from Manchester, were inside the Manchester arena at the same time that bomb went off on 22/05/17, which killed 22 people.

At 5am on the 4th January thoughts of the attack were racing around in Katie’s mind. It had been five hours since she had first attempted to get some sleep.

Katie said: “This happens frequently for me, even though it’s been over 7 months since the attack, but this time I got an urge of creativity.

“I sat up and turned my laptop on and I just began writing. I haven’t written about my feelings before and I also haven’t written a poem since primary school.”

After deciding to let her thoughts and feelings flow from her mind to a piece of paper, she found herself falling asleep just 20 minutes later.

She added: “As soon as I finished it, I managed to sleep straight away so it was really positive for me.

“It felt like a massive relief as I have always struggled to put my feelings into words. I feel like at 5am emotions are less guarded, and that’s why the poem ended up so emotional, which I didn’t actually realise until I re-read it in the morning.”

The poem entitled “The Day” hit hundreds of views and even ended up featuring on ITV Granada where Katie read her poem out loud for the first time at St Anne’s Square- where there once laid a sea of flowers in remembrance of the victims of May’s attack.

Since the poem went live on Facebook and Twitter Katie has been inundated with messages, praising her for her beautiful creation.

Katie said: “My phone literally didn’t stop buzzing for two days, people saying how inspiring the poem is and how it made them cry and how strong I am.

“People who were also at the attack were messaging me to talk about their experiences too, and it was just so amazing to be able to help other people.

“How on earth did something I write, help so many people and manage to touch so many people? I’m so thankful for all the kind comments and love, I’m beyond speechless.”

Taken inside Manchester Arena on 22/05/17. Photo Credit to Katie Farnsworth



Here is an extract:

The day begun

That day in May,

Bursting with excitement 

Seeing Ariana Grande

We were ready early

And left straight away

Oh boy we will never 

Forget this day

Dad picked us up quickly

And in the car we sang

Those Dangerous Woman


before the loud bang

We never knew

Before this harrowing crime

That some people had 


For One last time


Visit the full poem on Twitter below.


Featured Image: Manchester memorial. Photo credit to Katie Farnsworth (Pictured left)


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