John Cameron OBE: How to talk to children about terrorism

John Cameron OBE is the Head of Headlines at the NSPCC children’s protection service.

The first step, Mr Cameron advised, is to put things into perspective for the child.

“Looking at whether it is likely to happen or not. Remind them that these events are still very rare” he said.

The NSPCC Head explained how parents have a tendency to sometimes minimise the anxiety have about the immediate risk to themselves.

Mr Cameron added: “There is a danger of minimising it if you say to them you shouldn’t worry because, you know ‘we’ve only had three terrorist attacks in the past years, don’t worry about it.’

“Because one attack is enough for a child.

“It’s about putting it in their language. You need to reassure them that adults are conscious of risks and have things in place.”

The NSPCC advise parents to avoid complication when explaining terrorism, but Mr Cameron added how this doesn’t mean distract from the truth.

“It means not going into to the level of some political theory or what people are seeking to achieve.

“Instead it’s about saying ‘Some people have views about others that they don’t like and they want to take action that will harm them.

“These people, who are very dangerous, could impact on you. If you get approached by someone with an idea that you believe is harmful and they are talking about acting in a way that’s likely to cause harm to others, that’s when you need to have conversations.”




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