Ariana Grande super-fan: How losing members of the ‘fandom’ affected her

School girl and super-fan Lucy Milton was personally affected by the Manchester attack, as her friend was seriously injured after a bomb was detonated at the end of the Ariana Grande concert.

Not only that, but the 14-year-old has found herself struggling to cope with the consequences of bomb, because of the impact the attack had on the Ariana Grande fandom.

As a collective, they call themselves ‘Arianators.’

Lucy said: “Losing those 22 angels was like losing my family.

“It’s like a piece of me is gone and that will never be found.

“It really hurts being a massive fan of Ari when something like this happens.”

The young teen explained how the attack has changed the way she thinks in that she now appreciates things a lot more.

She added: “Having friends who were injured and mentally affected has been so difficult and something I’ve never experienced in my life.

“It’s hard to say the right things because you try and tell them everything is going to be okay but in reality, it’s not.”

Lucy feels that the events at Manchester has broken the UK.

She continued: “And as for the Ariana fandom, we still haven’t recovered and I think it’s something that we will never recover from because we lost our family that night.”

The school girl wanted to say to anyone that is worried about attacks: “Love your life. They want you to feel scared to walk the streets, to go to the shops. But don’t be scared. Carry on your life. Never give in to fear.”



Featured Image: Photo taken at St Anne’s Square, Manchester, where hundreds lay flowers to remember the lives lost. Photo credit: Katie Farnsworth.


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